19 Sep
Your Inner Vision - Putting Visualization into Action

Click here to download: Visualization Action Guide JCG.pdf

Every accomplishment in history has started as a thought. Someone dreamt up something in their mind and then brought to reality.

In a way – that is what visualization is. Of course, there is more to visualization than just having a single thought.

Visualization is when you think deeply and specifically about your goals. You imagine how you will reach them. What it will feel like reaching them and what life will be like after you reach them. You do this regularly, and you do this often.

Visualization isn’t pie in the sky mysticism either. High-level executives and athletes both use visualization regularly. One study showed an actual increase in strength through visualization alone.

If you have any goals or dreams that you want to accomplish, then visualization is a powerful tool you should not ignore. If you want to make your visualizations reality, use this workbook to put them into action. 

Click here to download: Visualization Action Guide JCG.pdf

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